About Us

The Centre for Laws on Gender and Sexuality aims to engage in original, empirical as well as doctrinal research on the intersection of law and gender studies, with a specific focus on the understanding of the sexual. In the course of the above research, we aim to meet specific targets.

Vision and Mission

The Centre will attempt to demystify and detangle the concept of sexual consent – whether it be that of women or minors.

Scope of Work

  • The research that the Centre will engage in will be strictly interdisciplinary,combining aspects of feminist jurisprudence and criminal justice system.
  • The Centre shall host a lecture series on its research area.
  • The Centre shall publish a working paper and a book every year.

Current Research Area

The first target of the Centre shall be a study of rape cases as the perplexity of sexual consent is most apparently manifested in criminal law. The Centre shall peruse Delhi District Court judgments to investigate whether judicial narrative on the same recognizes and addresses the claims of female victims of sexual violence. It shall also attempt to engage with the judiciary’s problematic reinforcement of the normative ideas surrounding female and teenage sexuality vis-à-vis the dominant cultural narrative on the same.