The basic idea of Mentoring cell is to create a conducive environment for faculty (Mentor) and student (Mentee) relationship. In order to resolve day to day academic problems of the students, mentors are appointed for a batch of 60 students, and they will counsel the respective students once in a week, to solve the problems come across during their course of study.

This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of the student. During the last semester of study students are advised for higher studies along with proper career guidance. Reasonable numbers of students have secured admissions for their higher studies and they in turn guide their juniors for their prospective admissions.

Objectives of Mentoring Cell

  • The Purpose of mentoring is to make the students to adapt the new environment and academic schedule, to understand the needs of curriculum, to develop healthy interpersonal relationship and also for personality development.
  • Keeping the parents informed about the attendance and performance of their wards from time to time and guiding the students to choose right career paths for jobs, higher studies, entrepreneurship etc, is the prime motto.
  • To motivate the students and develop confidence to take up challenging tasks in their lives and help the society in nation building.
  • The mentors also try to identify the potential and interests of his mentees and guide them accordingly towards active participation in co-curricular, extra-curricular, at institute and university level activities.

Administrative : [involving regular academic duties like]

  • Calculating, monitoring and communicating attendance to students and parents
  • Internal marks monitoring and communication to students and parents
  • Distributing admit cards, Marks sheets and other institutional duties.
  • Conducting Faculty Feedback on ERP
  • Making semester wise mentoring session plan
  • Conducting mentoring classes Thursdays 2-2:30 PM
  • Taking mentoring session attendance on ERP
  • Each mentor will update students performance to the Department Dean and Head

Mentoring Proper : [Involving counseling and actual mentoring of students]

  • Identification of specific skills of the mentees by the mentor so that appropriate guidance can be provided.
  • Regular mentor mentee sessions to resolve their problems (such as academic, social and behavioral issues)
  • Identification of activities that can act as ‘ice-breaking’ session between mentor and mentee.
  • Conducting Alumni interaction sessions with students
  • Conducting Parents interaction students with students
  • Encouraging students participation in various activities
  • Taking student volunteers for department and institute events

Skill Development : [Involving Skill enhancements and certifications]

  • Career guidance sessions with HR and industry representatives.
  • Personality development classes
  • Skill development related to employability enhancements
  • Higher education counseling

Parents Interaction : [Involving Parents and Guardians of Students]

  • Conducting Parents Mentors Meet [PMM] twice in a semester
  • Conveying student attendance, internal marks, events based participation
  • Communication of students overall conduct in campus
  • Involving parents in events participation, guest lectures and proving internships to students

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